Since its inauguration in 2016, C Dream Program provides annual scholarships
to recognize outstanding students and encourage their future pursuit of
performing arts. Scholarships are granted at the level of $100 and $500, with the grand
prize as $1,000 with the title of “C Dream Star” of the year.

Terms and Conditions: 
Scholarship applicants must be current students of the C Dream Program, preferably
between the age of 13 and 23. Assessments are made based on the applicants’ art
caliber, training accomplishment and class attendance during the program.

How to Apply:
Applicants must complete the application form, and include a 300-word essay (English
or Chinese) that outlines the following: a) their experience with and/or perspective on C
Dream, in terms of program design, teaching style; b) their thoughts about learning
Chinese arts in the U.S.; c) how they would use the C Dream art training to continue
their pursuit of art as a career or interest. Letters of Recommendations (English or
Chinese) from the teachers are welcome but not required, limited to two letters per
person and one page per letter.

Applications with supporting materials must be submitted together, to
info@sinousarts.org, by the due date as specified during the C Dream Program. You
may also contact us via this email for questions and inquiries.

C Dream Scholarships and Awards