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C Dream Program is a non-profit overseas Chinese arts training program initiated by China Overseas Exchange Association, and organized and presented by Sino US Performing Arts Organization (SINOUS). The program aims to enhance the art caliber of young Chinese Americans through training courses, master classes and annual performances, and to encourage their further pursuit of art.

 Inaugurated this summer in Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattleand Houston, C Dream Program provides Chinese dance and Beijing Opera classes for teenagers, and Chinese dance class for adults, in partnership with local schools. Teaching artists from China customize the courses for local students to make the learning process rewarding and enjoyable. Dedication and hard work of all parties involved have led to the success of the program with many courses exceeding the goals. The program has enjoyed great popularity among the Chinese American community and received many positive reviews from the mainstream society.

 “華夢計劃”(C Dream Program) 是由中國海外交流協會 (China Overseas Exchange Association)發起,美國SINOUS中國風藝術協會(Sino US Performing Arts Organization)主辦的公益性中國文化藝術海外培訓項目。通過送教上門,提供小班制專業藝術培訓課程,為海外華人藝術新生代創造學習和展示平臺,促進中國文化藝術的國際化傳播和本土化發展。