SINOUS Art Grant

Founded in 2012, Sino US Performing Arts Organization (SINOUS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to Chinese art and culture. It has served a diverse audience and bridged intercultural understanding through art education, performances and cultural events, in partnership with academic, cultural and community organizations. It provides SINOUS Art Grant to support its members’ endeavors in preserving and promoting Chinese art and culture in the U.S.

What We Fund

  • Production cost of art event/workshop 
  • Artist fee
  • Art consulting fee
  • Marketing related to artistic planning


ApplicantsSino Cultural Day GrantRegular Art GrantApplication Deadline
Individual MemberN/A$500 - $1,000November 30, 2022

Nonprofit Institutional  Member 

No less than $2,000$1,000 - $2,000  November 30, 2022

I. Regular Art Grant applicant must be: 

1)  Current SINOUS Individual Member or Nonprofit Institutional Member.  

​2)  Actively engaged in Chinese performing arts.

Note: For-profit Institutional Member can apply for the art grant through its individual member status; each for-profit institutional member can recommend up to five individual members free of charge.

II. Sino Cultural Day Grant applicant must be:

1)  Current SINOUS Nonprofit Institutional Member.

2)  Actively engaged in Chinese performing arts and experienced in planning and organizing

     cultural events.

Cost:​ NO application fee is required.

How to Apply:

Submit grant proposal by the deadline, to include the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Individual Resume/Organizational Overview
  • Project Statement (Goals/Objectives, Method and Timeline)
  • Project Budget
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Statement
  • ​Supporting Materials (photos, videos and news clips of artists and/or past events, nonprofit status proof)

Contact us:

Contact or 626-872-1145 for inquiries and questions.

Check out our past grants.