Featuring Performance, Short Videos and Graduation Ceremony

2016 C Dream Program Annual Performance
Sunday, October 9th, 2016, 2:30PM

週日 2 0 1 6年1 0月9日 下午2 : 3 0
Arcadia Performing Arts Center (APAC) 阿凱迪亞表演藝術中心
188 Campus Drive, Arcadia, CA 91007

2016 C Dream Program Annual Performance

Octorber 9,2016

Ticket price/票價: $100 (VIP), $40, $20
Purchase your tickets at the APAC box office 阿凱迪亞表演藝術中心售票處: 626.821.1781.

Additional ticket sales venues/其它售票點:
(羅蘭崗)長青書局 (Rowland Heights) Enlighten Bookstore  626.675.6527 
(圣蓋博)長青書局 (San Gabriel) Evergreen Books                        626.572.4540
(蒙市)  長青書局 (Monterey Park) Global Art and Culture             626.281.3622
(阿凱迪亞)世界書局 (Arcadia) New World Bookstore                  626.446.1831
(阿罕布拉)僑報讀者之家 (Alhambra) China Press Bookstore    626.281.8500

 For questions or additional information, please contact/咨詢熱線:626.872.1145.

Directed by Yu Lei with Shanghai Opera House, this show presents the best of C Dream 2016,featuring Chinese dance repertoires and Peking Opera classics in full costumes, performed byyoung artists from Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Houston. The performance balso includes C Dream short videos and the graduation ceremony of the 2016 Classes.

Award-winning dancers from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy will take us to a fascinating cultural journey, inspired by ethnic Chinese dance and music of Tibetan, Korean, Mongolian styles and much more. This special performance highlights the stunning pieces awarded the top-notch Taoli Cup in China and international prizes in recent years.

Come enjoy the splendor of Chinese performing arts, and support the dreams of young Chinese Americans in the arts.


Location & Parking:
The Arcadia Performing Arts Center is located one mile south of the 210 Freeway between Baldwin Ave. and Santa Anita Ave. on Campus Drive. 

Free parking is available on the streets surrounding the Arcadia High School campus on Campus Dr., El Monte Ave., and Duarte Rd., in addition to the numerous parking lots located throughout the campus. There are two parking lots on EL Monte Ave. between Campus and Duarte in close proximity to the APAC.


2016 C Dream Program Annual Performance ( OCT 9th 2:30PM- 5PM, Arcadia Performing Arts Center) 

Featuring Performance, Short Videos and Graduation Ceremony, this show presents the best of C Dream 2016 in dance and Peking Opera by young Chinese Americans, and highlights the guest performance by award-winning dancers from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy.