Song Zuying is one of China's most prominent and best-established vocal artists. She studied at the Minzu University's Music School and the China Conservatory of Music with a doctorate degree in ethnic vocal music. During her brilliant career as an ethnic singer of more than two decades, Song Zuying has performed a wide repertoire of Chinese ethnic songs and artistic vocal works from overseas, and starred in major operas including "Red Coral" and musicals like "Tropical Rains". Nearly twenty of her signature songs have become popular classics at home and abroad, including "Spice Girls", "Waiting for You", "Good Days", "Winding Waters Leading to My Home", "I Will Grow Into You", "Soldiers Together", "Soldier Boys", "Hero", "Chapter of Sunshine", "From Good to Better", "New Ode to Liuyang River", "Gazing at the Moon", "Our Love for China", "Flying Song of the Earth", "An Oriental Jasmine for You", "Blue Skies", "Hope Springs Eternal in China", "A Joyful Heart", "Let us Dance", and "Blossoms of Pagoda Tree"; all these works have become household songs throughout China and among Chinese people living abroad.

Song Zuying has made a point of fusing her artistic pursuit with the essence of China's ethnic and folk music, and her singing bears a distinctive mark of China's ethnic vocal tradition. As her efforts of expanding and reinventing the tradition came to assimilate features of modern vocal arts, she has evolved an inimitable style of expressive singing, which has proved a spectacular success in China's contemporary vocal music. Over the years, Song Zuying has won a host of awards and honors at China's most prestigious music competitions, including, the Top Award at the China National Ethnic Vocal Music Competition, multiple Golden Awards at the CCTV Music Video Competition, multiple honors at the China Central Radio's "the Nation's Favorite Singers", multiple top honors at the SARFT TV Art "Starlight Awards", Gold Record Award of China, CCTV China Ethnic Music Legacy Award, China Ethnic Vocal Music Excellence Award, "Plum Blossom Award" of Chinese Drama, the honor of "Artist of Excellence and Integrity", "China Charity Award", one of China's Most Globally Influential Women in 2005, the Public Image Award and Remarkable Achievement Award of Chinese Artists in 2008, and "Notable Talent", as well as the Kennedy Center Honors and the nomination for the 49th Grammy Awards.

Recent years have seen Song Zuying actively engaged in international artistic exchanges as she performed in the US, Canada, Australia, and countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. In 2002 she was invited to sing at the FIFA World Cup gala performance in South Korea. In Dec. 2002, as cultural ambassador for the 30 years of Sino-Australian diplomatic ties, she held the solo concert "Day of Joy" at the Sydney Opera House. In Nov. 2003, her solo show reached the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria. The two highly successful performances inspired Song Zuying in her drive to introduce China's musical art to peoples of the world; on Oct. 12, 2006, she brought her solo concert "What a Beautiful Jasmine" to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, which attained unprecedented success; the Mayor of Washington named the day "Song Zuying's Day" to honor her remarkable contribution to the cultural exchange between China and America. In May 2007, she became the first Asian artist to win the Kennedy Center Honors. Her album "Sound of a Century, Classic Songs of Chinese Cinema" has entered the collection of the Congress Library in Washington D.C.

From 2009 to 2011, Song Zuying has held successful concerts at the National Stadium in Beijing, the Shanghai World Expo Plaza, and the Taipei Arena in Taiwan. In 2011, her spectacular tour brought 11 large-scale concerts to China's top ten cities. Prior to the 2012 Olympics, she brought the concert "Transcending the Summit" to London's Royal Albert Hall, joined by tenor Plácido Domingo and pianist Lang Lang. In Feb. 2013, she mounted the successful solo concert tour entitled "Cultures of China, Festival of Spring" in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. In recent years, her collaborations with world-famous tenors such as Plácido Domingo and Andrea Bocelli have served to raise the profile of China's ethnic music across the world.

Among her numerous albums and videos are "Good Days, the Best of Song Zuying", "Love of Music, Classics of Song Zuying", "Sound of a Century, Classic Songs of Chinese Cinema", "Song Zuying at Sydney Opera House", "Song Zuying at Golden Hall in Vienna", "Song Zuying at Kennedy Center", "Glamour of 2009 Summer Concert at Bird's Nest", "Concert at Taipei Arena", "Flying", "Oriental Peony", "Prelude of Plum Blossoms", "Epics of Romance", among others.

Apart from her artistic achievements, Song also actively takes on the social responsibility by participating in charity events. She has made many donations to the "Hope Project" and "Water Cellars for Moms" for children and women in poverty-stricken areas and to earthquake victims in Wenchuan and Zhouqu. She has set up a foundation in her hometown Hunan to provide annual funds to nearly a hundred students, to the wide acclaim across the Chinese society. Song Zuying has served as executive councilor of the China Women Union, standing member of the China Youth Union, member of the China Literature and Art Union, Vice Chair of the China Musicians Society, Ambassador of the China Environmental Protection, Ambassador of the China's Poverty Relief Endeavor, and Ambassador of the Red Cross China Foundation; in 2011 she assumed the role of the anti-piracy image ambassador.​

Song Zuying

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